Looking Within

My work is a journey in search of my own self” declares Shobha Broota. Sitting in her studio with calm and poise, she exudes the confidence of a multi-talented artist at peace with herself. Hers has been a meditative cruise through the arts over five decades. From mindfulness to shunya (nothingness), in a realm of eternity, hers has been an intuitive and spontaneous exploration of the self within, a search for inner tranquility and quiet – in essence a soul search. Traversing through space, entailing color and expanse, her art flows in simple yet subtle etchings, as they move through the mystical world of silent visual communication. Her work’s freedom within an engagingly minimalist oeuvre that sheds all superfluous trappings involves a surrender that endows her work with its distinct harmony.

Shobha Broota, born in 1943 in Delhi, completed her Diploma in fine art from the Delhi
College of Art, and also learnt singing, earning a Sangeet Visharad. Coming from a lineage of artists, Shobha has had a series of teaching assignments, including a stint at the Triveni Kala Sangam in Delhi, while she simultaneously continued to engage with her own creativity as an independent artist. Shobha’s work is soaked in a spiritual and meditative vision, reverberating with rhythms in oscillating patterns. Her seemingly simple and minimal work discourages interpretation and instead invites the eye to contemplate the form. Hailed for its philosophical depth, the work commands  concentration on one’s part to comprehend and appreciate it fully.