Om Prakash is a senior artist from India who has an outstanding career as an artist and teacher. His art attracts those seeking spirituality as it conveys forms and colours in such a way that it puts us in touch with the inner world and just watching his works is a form of meditation that takes us away from the busy and stressful world of everyday life. He keeps track of every work he has ever produced as if they are all children and need to be taken care of. He has kept track where every painting has gone and those in his Collection are very nicely kept by year or size or material. 

His art is very much appreciated both in India and the West. The works at MOSA consists of 60 paintings spanning 5 decades as we have works from 1977 till 2016. There are many large works but also some small works on paper. There are amazing works that reflect the magical wonderful world of Mandalas. Om Prakash transforms and recreates this ancient Indian tradition in a way that is very personal to him. His works speak for themselves and they are sure to speak to every observer and visitor to MOSA and uplift them to a higher consciousness and will awaken the desire to go within and start the process of meditation.

Om Prakash Sharma’s career as an artist spans over six decades.His work as an artist has been centered around New Delhi. Sharma is known primarily as a practitioner of a uniquely Indian visual style.Sharma started his career as an artist in 1956 during annual exhibition at All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society in Delhi.His paintings has been exhibited at over 100 solo and group exhibition. His art works has been part of permanent collections at various art galleries and museums including Berlin Museum, Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Moscow and Darat al Funun, Amman, Jordan.He is regarded as the one of the founders of the Neo-Tantra art movement.

Sharma started playing sitar in 1956 when he came in contact with Pandit Ravi Shankar, who helped him in identifying the traditional iconography of different ragas which inspired him to paint 25 Ragmala paintings in water colors. Influence of music has always inspired visual rhythms of Sharma’s work.Sharma has written about art in several art magazines and art columns. He has been an invited keynote speaker at various public talks organized by art societies, museums and institutions in India and abroad, on his paintings in context of contemporary art and the tradition of tantra art. He had also held positionof advisor to various art committees such Boards of education, Parliament House Complex, HUDCO, Urban Arts Commission and several University Counsels. Sharma has also authored several books including Art in Art in 1994, Om Prakash – Forty Years 1958 – 1998 in 1999 and Om Prakash- Sixty Years 1951 – 2012 in 2013.

Sharma has received several awards, including three first prizes in Annual Art Exhibitions of the AIFACS, New Delhi.He was awarded the National Award for Painting of Lalit Kala Akademi in 1969. He was also awarded the Delhi State Award from the Chief Minister of Delhi in 2003. He holds Honorary membership of Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow.In 2008, Sharma received Life Time Achievement Award from ART MALL, New Delhi.

Seema has had over 30 solo show in Venice, Brussels, Melbourne, London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and many more. She has participated at the International Biennale in Venice, Shanghai and India, as well as Art fairs in Hong Kong, Basel, Beijing, Madrid, India. Her work can be seen as public art as murals in a number of cities. Besides winning several international awards, her works are a part of various private and public collections like Melinda Bill Gates Foundation, Museums including Rubin’s Museum and MOSA-Brussels, Kochi Museum of Arts and many more.