Seema Kohli’s Celestial Revelations opens at Radhadesh

Celestial Revelations, a new exhibition of works by renowned artist Seema Kohli was inaugurated in a grand opening at Radhadesh. The opening was packed with a gallery full of enthusiastic visitors at the MOSA Radhadesh gallery. The itinerary included speeches by Sushma Bahl, the curator of the exhibit as well as visiting dignitaries. There was also a Bharat Natyam dance performance by Gaura Nataraja Dasa as well as flute recital by Vivek Sonar which left the audience spellbound. This was followed by a wonderful guided tour of the exhibition by Seema Kohli. On the occasion of the opening, MOSA director Martin Gurvich gave the following address to the viewers as part of the ceremony,

” It’s with great pleasure that MOSA presents Seema Kohli’s wonderful show “Celestial Revelations,” curated by Sushma Bahl. I’ve known Seema for many years, and her enthusiasm and complete dedication to the visual and performing arts have captured and energised me. Her unique style is an explosion of colours and forms, depicting many relevant topics and issues. No observer or spectator remains indifferent while looking at one of Seema’s works.

The paintings, sculptures, videos, photographs, and tridimensional paintings we’re presenting today are creations Seema has been working on for several years. In her work, she touches upon many philosophical topics, such as God, demigods, devotees, universal form, cosmos, yoga, and philosophy. She also depicts several great spiritual beings and presents the cosmos in ways that awaken appreciation, awe, enthusiasm, happiness, and other positive emotions. Seema engages with these subjects and themes in a real, sincere, and passionate way. In her yearning to get closer to the Truth, she carries spectators to higher levels of consciousness in a stunning visual manner that engages our eyes and hearts to their full satisfaction.

We’re extremely thankful to Seema for her dedication to make this collection and exhibit possible, and we’re very happy that she’ll inaugurate the show in MOSA Radhadesh, Belgium. We’re also most grateful to Sushma K. Bahl for curating the exhibition and for writing the main text for the beautiful catalogue we’ve published. Sushma has been MOSA’s main curator and contributor for many years now and is part of our MOSA family. Together with Archana Sapra, who has gracefully come from Delhi, Sushma has also designed and executed the layout of the exhibit.

We hope that this beautiful collection, exhibit, and catalogue will be shown in museums and other cultural centres in Belgium, Europe, and, why not?, the whole world. May all MOSA visitors in Radhadesh indulge themselves in this feast for the eyes and carry home with them impressions that will make their daily lives more fulfilling. May we all be uplifted after visiting this mesmerising show! ”

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